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ezTextScroller_v1.0 Component

Welcome to the ezTextScroller component. (also at Adobe Exchange- keyword: ezTextScroller)

This component will give you the ability to scroll the contents on any given TEXT FIELD, weather it be text, XML or embeded media. You will also have complete control over the color, height/width & alpha fo the scrollBar.

it is very easy to use. You drag a component to the stage, and you 'assign' it a textField to scroll. Anything that gets loaded into this text field will be scrolled. ezTextScroller, will automatically scroll to the max height (length) of its assigned text field.
Once you have your component instance on the stage, make sure to give it an INSTANCE NAME. By selecting the ezTextScroller instance, you can then go the PARAMETERS panel in the PROPERTY INSPECTOR and assign the custom values for you component.


1.) field2Scroll: the instance name fo the textField to be scrolled.

2.) scrollerHeight: visual height of the scrollBar.

3.) scrollerWidth: visual width of the scrollBar

4.) innerAlpha: alpha percentage of the inner fill color of the scrollbar

5.) outterAlpha: alpha percentage of the outline of the scrollbar

6.) innerFill_rgb: color of the inner fill of the scrollBar

7.) outLine_rgb: color of the outline of the scrollBar

(Note: If you are looking for a ezTextScroller version that also lets you choose a text file to load, please refer to the ezTextScroller&Loader component.)