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ezPreloader_v1.0 Component

Welcome to the ezPreloader component.

This component will give you a visual representation (both through animation & percetange loaded text) on how much of your content is loaded into it's 'target clip'.

it is very easy to use. You drag a component to the stage, and you 'assign' it a target clip (movie clip) to watch. Anything that gets loaded into this 'target clip' will trigger the ezPreloader to show and display how much left there is to load. When complete, the movieClip will disappear. Load another piece of content (image, swf or video clip) and the preloader will disappear. Load another piece of content (image, swf or video clip) and the preloader will trigger again.

Once you have your component instance on the stage, make sure to give it an INSTANCE NAME. By selecting the ezPreloader instance, you can then go the PARAMETERS panel in the PROPERTY INSPECTOR and assign the custom values for you component & movie.


1.) loaderColor: choose a #color that you want the rotatingArrows to be.

2.) percentVisible: choose to display the percentage textField or not.

3.) percentColor: choose a #color that you want the percentage text to be.

4.) rotateSpeed: number value that depicts the speed of the rotatation.

5.) targetClip: 'path' (relative or absolute) to the movie clip you want the simplePreoader to 'watch' and give results on. (Note: the path is /home to whatever timeline the ezPreloader is in)

6.) callbackFunction: lets you declare a function name that you want executed after the 'loading' is complete. (NOTE: do NOT include the () after the funciton name)

7.) alwaysOn: lets you decide to have the 'check' (onEnterFrame) running continuously.

(Note: it is recommended to run this default in FALSE (off) mode, and manually move the playHead to frame 2 on the ezPreloader component)

TRUE MODE: Lets you ONLY do a simple 'loadMovie()' on your target..and the 'ezPreloader' will do the rest. (but leaves code running all the time and can eat up resources)

Example: (alwaysOn set to TRUE)
button1_btn.onPress = function(){

FALSE MODE: (recommended) Means you have to manually advance the playhead to frame 2 in the 'ezPreloader' component, but does not leave messy or rampant code running.

Example: (alwaysOn set to FALSE)
button1_btn.onPress =function(){

component can be found here: (or on Adobe exchange - keyword: ezPreloader)

here is a link to the component in 'action' (so you can see what it looks like)

here is a link to the .fla so you can see the TWO methods on how to code the buttons (very easy):